Kelly Goodman – Yale University, History

June 19, 2017

School Politics as Labor Politics: Education History in the UAW’s Detroit

Mikell Hyman – University of Michigan, Sociology

April 25, 2017

Between Contract & Charity: The Reclassification of Public Employee Pensions in the City of Detroit

Sharon Cornelissen – Princeton University, Sociology

March 24, 2017

Prejudice-as-Political: Trump Politics, Whiteness, and Race Relations in Northwest Detroit

Jacob Lederman – (Assistant Professor) University of Michigan, Flint – Sociology

February 10, 2017

Strategic Governance Networks: Democratic Legitimacy and Participatory Politics in Flint and Detroit’s master plans

Lisa Berglund – UCLA, Urban Planning

December 2, 2016

They Forgot Us: Understanding the Role of Urban Policies in Shaping Perceptions of Political Marginalization and Active Disinvestment in Detroit’s 48217 Zip Code

Carla Maria Kayanan – University of Michigan, Urban and Regional Planning

October 14, 2016

Down the Brain Drain: Challenges and complications in grounding the Detroit Innovation District

Patrick Cooper McCann – University of Michigan, Urban and Regional Planning

September 22, 2016

City/Space: Parks, Recreation, and Race in Detroit, 1805-2015